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On Dec. 15, 2020, iPollo G1-Mini New Product Launch Event co-hosted by iPollo, Interhash and POW POWER begined successfully at 16:00 pm, which represents the official start of the domestic distributed computing node! We invited Jack Cui, who is Cuckoo ASIC chip developer and vice president of Nano, to talk about the story behind Cuckoo ASIC chips.

The following Q&A content has been filtered by POW POWER editors:

Q1.Chip design companies in our view are very cutting-edge but very stressful. Please briefly introduce Nano, and talk about the reason why you choose to make Cuckoo chips? …

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16:00, December 15, 2020 iPollo、Interhash and POW POWER co-hosted iPollo G1-Mini new product launch event with great success,At the same time represents the household distributed computing node will really open!For this presentation we have John Tromp, inventor of the Cuckoo Cycle Cuckoo algorithm.

The following is the highlights of the live broadcast selected by the EDITORIAL department of POW POWER:

Q1. As the inventor of CuckooCycle Algorithm, could you please talk about what CuckooCycle Algorithm actually achieves and the story behind its birth? Do you still remember the scene when you designed the algorithm in 2014?

John Tromp : Cuckoo…


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On Nov. 7, 2020, the privacy coin Grin is victim of 51% attack. Cointelegraph reported this attack and claimed in the news that the estimated cost of performing a 51% attack on Grin network for one hour was $75 at the time of writing.

51% Attack Cost

According to an analysis of this attack, an unknown miner could have rented up to 10KG/Second GRIN C32 hash power from NiceHash, a cloud mining operation that allows users to rent hashrate. The price of the NiceHash C32 algorithm increased from 0.12 to 0.22 BTC/KG/Day at the time of attacking. The attack lasted for one hour…


iPollo is incubated by nano labs. There will launch in succession with competitive mining machinery products, pl look forward to it!

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